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The Technical-Financial Feasibility Study provides reliable, timely information to support the project’s profitability, which allows Senior Management to make the decision of its execution, is integrated by the investment estimate (CAPEX), the integration of operating costs (OPEX), and the financial runs made with the economic-financial parameters approved for the project, considering the following concepts:

  • Operating Costs (OPEX)

  • Economic – Financial Analysis of the project (financial run).

  • Sensitivity analysis, developing a computer simulator.

  • Final Report of the Feasibility Study.

  • Plan and program of the Feasibility Study

  • Review the selection of Basic Engineering.

  • Location and arrangement of the plant

  • Review of basic studies: geological, soil mechanics, topography, etc.

  • Preparation of sufficient engineering for selection and quotation of equipment and definition of volumes for construction to prepare the CAPEX and OPEX of the Feasibility study.

  • Estimated Investment (CAPEX) integrated by the following concepts: Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing and Start-up, Quality Control, Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection, Contingency and Unforeseen

For each feasibility study, the simulator developed by CAD is adapted, which is a tool of high versatility and certainty that facilitates real-time decision-making based on different scenarios, identifying the most profitable macro and microeconomic conditions .; converting the Economic-Financial Feasibility Studies into the instrument of greatest value for the budgetary, operational and financial evaluation of the projects.