Sistema para recepción de proyectos.

Grupo CAD has a system for the adequate and complete reception of projects to the complete satisfaction of the client, from the receipt of all the technical information in its different stages, from basic engineering, feasibility studies, detailed engineering, procurement, civil construction -electromechanics, mechanical completion, precommissioning, commissioning, start-up and warranty tests until the acceptance of the project is edited.

The document management system for project reception allows the planning, control, reception of the technical information generated in the execution of a project and, where appropriate, by the construction companies, engineering firms, contractors, sub-contractors , customer, suppliers and manufacturers.

The document management system for receiving projects is a system supported by a series of software, and hardware and documents (manuals and procedures) designed by Grupo CAD that allows the administration of documents in a project in a simple, functional, safe way, ordered and complete, with the necessary security measures for the correct storage, handling and control of documents in electronic form, in order to avoid changes or loss of them, guaranteeing the reliable and safe development of project activities.

The documents protected in the system allow the personnel that are part of the execution and development of the project to carry out their activities in an orderly, efficient and responsible manner, keeping the project information available at any time, in addition to allowing:

    • Have traceability of any change or modification made to a document during the development of the project.
    • Document decision-making at all levels of command of the project.
    • Have total control in the handling of documents (matrix of responsibilities).