Grupo CAD development cost control system provides dynamic information on the cost behavior of the project, providing trends and projections of savings or cost overruns and providing early opportunities to take realignment actions in order to ensure project compliance in cost and time established in the contract.

The cost control system records the amounts considered for the total project, for each of the project areas, its accounts and subaccounts according to a Work Breakdown Structure (wbs) specially designed for each project, which is a facilitator of the identification and control of areas, accounts and subaccounts.

Cost control is the most reliable tool to track the behavior and trends of projects, allowing:

    • Determine the original estimate by areas, accounts, and sub-accounts (areas and sub-areas that make up the entire project).
    • The effect of savings or cost overrun in the estimate due to the application of the Amount of the approved alterations.
    • The effect of updating the estimate due to the escalation and / or variation of the exchange rate.
    • The record of the updated estimate applied in each period of project registration (sum of the original estimate plus the update due to inflation or exchange rate and more alterations).
    • The record of the commitments acquired by the project.
    • The comparison of the cost applied by item, area and complete project with the physical advances recorded, in order to determine the projected estimated cost to complete. This aspect is central to the design of the preserving system, which must be closely linked with the control of the project in order to accurately determine the progress by area and sub-area.