Grupo CAD developed the material monitoring and control system, which is an effective tool for the execution of the project, since it identifies opportunely the deviations that arise in the supply of the materials and that will have repercussions in the execution of the project, as well as the budgetary control of the project and its deviations.

The system was developed by Grupo CAD in excel to allow a simple, safe and agile control of the materials handled in the project, based on the information generated by each area of responsibility involved in the process of procurement and logistics of the materials.


The Grupo CAD ‘s own equipment tracking system allows the monitoring and control of procurement of equipment in its different stages, including logistics from the preparation of the requisition to the arrival of the equipment to the field, the system has been used in multiple projects in Mexico and Peru, providing important benefits for the projects, optimizing the process of monitoring the timely supply of equipment avoiding significant delays in the execution of work and ensuring the timely availability of equipment required by contractors according to the construction programs established in the project.

The system was developed by CAD to provide added value to the projects, identifying and minimizing the risks of non-compliance derived from the delays in the supply of the equipment, allowing the monitoring of the equipment in an orderly, traceable, reliable, safe, according to what was planned in the projects.

The equipment tracking system allows us to have complete, reliable and timely information on the status of the equipment supply during the different stages of the projects, taking the follow-up from the issuance of the requisitions, placement of purchase orders, delivery in the workshop , boarding-traffic and reception of the equipment in the work warehouses.

The system is designed to operate simultaneously and concurrently with several users, using the information generated in the areas of engineering, procurement, logistics, warehousing and construction of projects, which is received through interfaces of their own systems in operation

The system has security measures for its operation, in order to preserve the integrity of the project information, controlling through the user registry the privileges assigned to it based on its functions in the operation (generate and / or consult information, authorize exits or apply data of transfers or make movements of entrances and exits).