GRUPO CAD has a comprehensive management system which is composed of a Quality System that complies with ISO 9001: 2015 , an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that meets the requirements of OSHAS 18001-2007 and an Environmental Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO-14001: 2015 , these systems as a whole and independently provide benefits for the development of projects where activities and services that Grupo CAD provides to its clients are developed, as well establishes guidelines that will serve as a basis for the development of Project Integral Management ( PIM)), Management, Direction, Supervision and Execution of Energy Projects, Mining-Metallurgical, Industrial, Gasoline and diesel storage terminals, pipelines and infrastructure and Basic Engineering Studies, Investment Analysis and Economic-Financial Feasibility of the Public Sector and the Private Initiative in Mexico, Central and South America.

GRUPO CAD develops the Integral Management System and implements the necessary plans to satisfy the requirements according to the dimensions of the activities and services that GRUPO CAD provides, in addition an interrelation with the legal requirements of each country in which the GRUPO CAD provides its services and with the requirements of the clients whether they are internal safety regulations, occupational and / or environmental greeting, corporate policies of the client, etc., for the satisfaction of the client.

The integral management system of the GRUPO CAD that is implemented in projects, allows reducing rework, incidents, dangerous accidents, environmental impacts, etc., during the execution of civil and electromechanical construction, generating benefits by reducing time, costs and the clients, the safety of the workers of both the client and the workers of the GRUPO CAD, as well as the workers of the contractor companies supervised by the GRUPO CAD , and in particular it allows guaranteeing the lowest maintenance costs during the operation of the plants.

GRUPO CAD has demonstrated the correct implementation of the integral management system as it has been in customer satisfaction, zero accidents without having presented any serious and no environmental impact associated with the activities and services provided by GRUPO CAD, this due to the implementation of appropriate practices to comply with the comprehensive management policy of the GRUPO CAD

GRUPO CAD directs and supervises the implementation of the integral management system during the execution of the projects, verifying the correct application of the codes, standards, norms and specifications applicable to each project and complying with:

    • Quality, safety, occupational health and environmental plan of the project.
    • Procedures for quality, safety, occupational health and the environment.
    • Technical-operative procedures.
    • Inspection plan for equipment, areas and facilities.
    • Follow up on the risk analysis study of the project, as well as the execution of the necessary preventive and corrective measures.
    • Verification and control of quality certificates of equipment and materials.
    • Registration, control and closure of non-conformities.
    • Analysis and evaluation of monthly reports of accidents at work.
    • Project risk and accident reports.
    • Supervision of emergency plans and drills.
    • Dossier of quality, safety, occupational health and environmental of the project.
    • Audits of quality, safety, occupational health and the environment.
    • Control of documents in the area of ​​quality control.
    • Review the environmental impact studies (EIA).
    • Review the environmental impact plan.
    • Review studies to eliminate or minimize sources of water, air and soil contamination.
    • Develop integral treatment systems that solve environmental problems, in order to comply with current regulations.
    • Review hazop studies and risk assessment.
    • Environmental audits
    • Waste management and disposal.